​​​​ Shawn's Guide Service

                                                         Fishing and scenic day trips

Food and drink - ​For the full day trips, you're going to need to eat. An ice chest is always in the boat with plenty of iced down water for you. You can bring your own lunch and drink or you can request a lunch. This includes a sandwich and chips from one of our local delis. 

License -  A California fishing license is required. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife consider any Trout greater than 16" a Steelhead so if you're fishing for trout and/or Steelhead on the Sacramento River, a punch card is required. 

Lodging and local amenities - ​If you're from out of the area and plan on staying a day or two, we can help GUIDE  your stay by connecting you with local bed and breakfasts, hotels, and lodges. We can also help set you up with local restaurants and breweries with excellent food and drink. 

Preparing for your trip.

ClothingMake sure you have the proper clothing. Summer in Redding has consistent 100 degree days. Winter trips can get pretty chilly so make sure you plan ahead and bring the proper gear.